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Our eco-friendly, portable nano-sanitizer sprayer not only makes it easy for you to sterilize every surfaces, but it also makes it very easy.

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Be pro-active, reduce your exposure to pathogens and viruses with the MistNow™ Portable Sanitizer Sprayer.

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At first, I was skeptical because of the delivery time. To my surprise, they delivered quite early. I do not think covid affects their shipping time. Really grateful they got this to me in no time!


My co-worker recommended this to me because she knows my struggles trying to disinfect the platforms I use regularly at work.


I find it hard to sanitize surfaces with the regular sanitizers because it takes time and it is quite stressful. Unlike the MistNow Sanitizer Sprayer which I can just move around and leave to do its work. I mean who would not like that?


Suggested to me by my son after watching some videos on Instagram. It makes sanitizing easy because you can cover every platform you use. From your car steering to your doorknobs, etc. I am really happy my son discovered this product.


After trying out so many sanitizing products, I finally discovered MistNow store. I carefully checked the store during my freetime at work, then placed an order for the MistNow Portable Sprayer. It got heer in less than a week, and it has been quite beneficial!


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