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It has been painful watching this pandemic ravage the bodies of friends, acquaintances, and people in general.

Every time I saw the infected numbers on my screen rise, I kept thinking, ‘could this have been prevented if someone had just sanitized. I quickly realized that if people were able to sanitize everything that they came into contact with daily, there would be a considerably lower risk of getting infected.

Going out these days means being constantly worried that everything you touch may give you the Corona virus . Not only is this scary, but it is also challenging to deal with. As a solution to these problems, my team and I came up with MistNow™ Sanitizer Sprayer.

MistNow™ is an innovative wellness brand dedicated to providing ease and safety. Our goal is to offer product solutions to what has become our reality as a race. Our singular goal at MistNow™ is to provide products that promote safety in the easiest possible ways.

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