How do I clean the MistNow™ Sanitizer Sprayer?

Cleaning the device is a breeze as well but a must as you do not want to have any mold growing inside. When the device is not in use,  always empty the water tank and let the device dry just to be safe. You can also run a wet wipe along with the nozzle and the body to easily remove any dirt residue or stickiness which may have accumulated through the course of the say.

Is there anything I shouldn’t use my MistNow™ Sanitizer Sprayer on?

MistNow™ Sanitizer Sprayer can be used to disinfect things such as mobile phones, bank cards, cash, disposable bags, etc. However, it is important to make sure that the mist is not focused on any opening on your electrical devices. A concentration of mist may affect the operating abilities of your device.

How long does the mist last? 

This is just a sanitizer mister. It holds a good amount of sanitizer and the sanitizer will last for at least 5-6 hours before a refill. You can always add more sanitizer to the cup when it gets low or whenever you like. I use mine daily with sanitizer and water in it, so I refill at least once a day.

Can I fill the MistNow™ Sanitizer Sprayer with other liquids apart from the sanitizer?

MistNow™ Sanitizer Sprayer can be used for other purposes. You can also use MistNow™ Sanitizer Sprayer on hot days to cool down. 

How is MistNow™ Sanitizer Sprayer better than other similar products?

This product is worth the money in so many ways.

#1 - Quality is above and beyond way better than your regular old sanitizer sprayer bottle.

#2 - You will be surprised at how amazing the release of the spray works. For example, You can spray it once with just your sanitizer r in it and it literally can cover your whole head with just movement. How awesome is that!

#3 - The bottle itself is very easy to use and clean if you using more than just water in it.

#4 - Shocked about the Amazing customer service. The moment I received this product the company immediately has made sure that I have received it okay and if I am satisfied. I find it very important to follow up with customers who have never used or heard of a product and only go by reviews, stars, and numbers. Wherever there is a great product, there is great customer service.

How do I know if my order has been processed?

Immediately after your order has been made and payment has been processed. You will receive an email confirming your order and address. The email sent to you will also contain details of the expected time of arrival of your product. Usually, deliveries are made within 7 days and at worst within 14 days. You will receive constant email updates on the movement of your purchase up until delivery.

Can I share my MistNow™ Sanitizer Sprayer?

Yes, you can! However, we advise that if you have a family each individual should have one. The reason behind individual ownership of the sanitizer sprayer is that people have different preferences for the ratio of sanitizer to water. While some people prefer purely sanitizers, other may want less sanitizer and more water. 

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